Are you tired of wanting more for your life?

Do you keep chasing one thing after another hoping to reach “happy”?

Are you ready to peel back the curtains hiding who you really are?

Then you are in the right place…


Welcome to CenterStage!  


CenterStage! is a movement and my life’s mission. It’s a conscious lifestyle where women do their best to live in alignment with their True Selves in thoughts, words and actions. Together we make a daily decision to stand in front of the curtains of limiting beliefs trying to cover us. By doing so, we can live our JOY instead of chasing our happiness.


You see, the world can easily fool you when you’ve forgotten who you really are. It will trick you into believing you are less than and keep you from experiencing what is already yours. It can hold you back from going after what you want most because you don’t believe your worthy. It will convince you to quit working toward a goal because you doubt your ability to ever achieve it. It will keep you from reaching your full potential because you are too scared of the unfamiliar. CenterStage! is the solution for any woman who is ready to stop hiding behind the curtains and start SHINING. 


I’ll be here to guide you on the journey of Self and remind you to love yourSelf along the way because this journey never ends. Subscribe to my list, download some free tools, use the Journal, read a little bit about me or shoot me an email. Don’t forget to connect with me on social media for a daily dose of inspiration.  



It’s time to stop hiding and settling.

It’s time to have the life you really want.

It’s time to step onto your CenterStage!