feel and fill the pages

Self-reflection is an important practice of living a CenterStage! life. To reach our highest levels of possibility, we have to do more than just wake up and go through the motions. If we want to keep ourSelves out in front of the curtains where we can shine our brightest then we have to choose differently.

A CenterStage! woman intends to shine and will choose mindfulness every morning to feel the day. She will then fill the pages of Her journal at some point to process what those feeling are trying to tell Her. She knows Her feelings are important and deserve devoted attention in order to keep growing into Her Highest Self.

Feel and Fill the pages…

Not sure what to think about today?

Never journaled before and don’t consider yourSelf a “writer”?

No worries!  No excuses!

Check out the daily CenterStage! Starters I’ve created for you below to help in your exploration of Self.

How it works…

Reserve 15-20 minutes of time out of your day. Sit in a quiet space. Get out a pen and a journal or a piece of paper and scroll through the posts I’ve created shown below. Scroll slowly and stop when you come across a post that really resonates with you. (Hint: click on the load more button to see more posts).

Then with a quiet mind, start free-writing whatever comes up for you while looking at the image and thinking about the message. You may even want to journal on the same post for more than one day. If you’re running short on time and just need to clear some head space… go ahead, type it out below and send your thoughts off to the Universe!

Some possible thoughts to process:

Why did I stop at this image?

What words in this post resonate with me and why?

How can I apply this message to my own life?

Have I been thinking about this area of my life recently?

Where do I need to do some deeper exploration of Self?