Best Feeling Year Ever

Posted on
December 28, 2019

Last month, I wrote about receiving an unexpected discount because of my calm demeanor at a consignment store.

It was a fun example of the infinite possibilities invited into your life when regular meditation is a part of it.

But, surprise discounts are just the icing on the cake.

Beneath the icing are layers of reasons to feel good.

Meditation reveals those reasons to the meditator.

But to the non-meditator,

It seems too easy to be helpful.

It doesn’t present enough struggle to earn some good in life.

Or, meditation is written off as weird.

I could share all the ways meditation helps my life.

Unfortunately, my words and stories can’t really help yours. 

Because as Abraham Hicks points out, “Words don’t teach, experience does.”

How would your 2020 improve with meditation?

I encourage you to find out for yourSelf.

Until then, at least imagine the possibilities: 

Imagine feeling too supported to feel anxious.

Imagine feeling like you already have it all. 

Imagine less worries because you’re always assisted.

Imagine feeling too loved to be offended. 

Imagine inner peace as your constant companion.

Imagine feeling excited about your goals instead of scared. 

Imagine it being easy to see their best. 

Imagine being the source of your own happiness.

Imagine not needing them to change for you to feel better. 

Imagine knowing your power and feeling unstoppable.

Imagine time feeling luxurious because you’re no longer in a hurry.

Imagine ease and flow being the usual.

Imagine being so uplifted you can’t be disappointed.

Imagine irritation giving way to lightheartedness.


Posted on
January 1, 2020