Have you ever shared something that's really important to you with someone else and they don't respond?

I recently did and found it disappointing to say the least.

Despite trying to let it go, questions kept churning in my head:

Why didn't they ask me anything about it?

Why didn't they show or even fake an interest?

Why didn't they at the very least say, "That's neat"?

The whole letdown reminded me of a bigger (and much better) question

question Davidji once asked in a meditation:

Who's in my front row?

The front row of your life is a privileged area and not just anyone can sit there — no matter how much you think they should or how badly you wish they would.

It's reserved for those who know your dreams, cheer you on and deepen your faith of what's possible because of their belief and encouragement.

Take a moment to close your eyes and ask yourSelf a couple times:

Who's in my front row?

Appreciate who you see instead of noticing who's missing.

At your first opportunity, thank them for their support.

Then, ask yourSelf an even bigger question:

Whose front row am I sitting in?

I hope your mind fills with a list of people you're supporting.

If not, aim to become the person others see in their front row

It's as simple as knowing their dreams and cheering them on.

If you don't know someone's dream — I dare you to ask.

My wish for you is a jam-packed front row.

But, if there's any room left  — I’d love to have a seat.

What goal is super important and meaningful to you?

What had you on fire when 2020 arrived?

What do you daydream about being, doing or having?

What goal do you wish you had more courage to pursue?

What dream is so big that you haven't told anyone yet?

If you care to share, click here.

Don't worry, you can remain anonymous.

Feel free to create a cool pseudonym and type it in the name box.

Whoever you are — I will be cheering.


Posted on
February 1, 2020