Let’s blow some bubbles!

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December 5, 2018

When someone uses the phrase, “I hate to burst your bubble…”
I always think to mySelf, then please don’t.

I love blowing bubbles of:

Best Day Ever.

How about you?

Are you a life-lover who blows bubbles any chance you get?


Are you a bubble buster?

Meet Sherry!


I noticed her out of almost 1,000 people at a Brendon Burchard event in Santa Clara, California.

Everything about her expressed an absolute love of life as she led the audience in clapping and dancing.

I never had the chance to speak to her that weekend but three years later the Universe sat her three rows in front of me at a Writer’s Workshop in Chicago.

Later, I learned Sherry doesn’t just look like she has an absolute love of life.

She is the creator of Simply Celebrate, helping people to celebrate themSelves and the people in their lives.

And, she is a real-life bubble blower!

Hosting bubble flash mobs is just one of the creative ways she suggests on her website that you can celebrate life and spread joy to others.

Sherry is on a mission to turn ordinary days into an extraordinary life and celebration is her practice.


Imagine that.

How would your life feel if celebration was your practice?

If you spread joy to everyone?

If you blew bubbles instead of bursting them?

It’s finally summer and the perfect time to start…

Let’s practice celebration.

Let’s spread some joy.

Let’s blow some bubbles.

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June 21, 2017