Meditate to Manifest in 2020

Posted on
December 17, 2019

I remember when I first started exploring meditation.

I had read about the benefits and wanted to start a daily practice.

My biggest worry back then was whether or not I was doing it "right".

Not long after, I discovered my favorite meditation teacher, Davidji.

He teaches that if you're breathing - you're doing it right.

Well, I definitely was breathing and apparently on the right track.

My second concern was if what was supposed to be happening during meditation was happening for me.

Yes, I felt relaxed and less anxious but was I missing out on something else?

Was something gonna happen besides sitting still and breathing?

Once again, Davidji had an answer.

He mentioned on his radio show that it's not what happens during meditation but what happens after your meditation.

This doesn't make much sense until you actually start meditating on a regular basis.

I've been meditating an average of 6 days a week for several years.

And can tell you, he is right.

The benefits come later, as I navigate my day.

Meditation clears the path to let all the cool stuff in because it makes you feel better.

By "better" I mean, feeling like a million bucks without a care in the world because you know all is well.

This is when the ease, flow and magic of Life can reach you.

For example...

While shopping at a consignment store last month, I found a beautiful sweater with an original tagged price of $89.50.

The store was selling it for $14.00.

When I approached the register, I heard an irritated voice behind me say, "Excuuuuse me! I was next!"

I apologized for not seeing her and quickly stepped aside.

The cashier apologized to me for (in her words) "that rude customer".

I told her there was no need because I was heavily meditated.

She laughed and said I was the second customer that day to mention meditation.

Seeing this as an opportunity to encourage her to meditate, I did.

Then she took $5.00 off my purchase for as she put it, "being so calm".

That $89.50 sweater ended up costing me only $9.00.

I didn't have a coupon.

And, I've never received a store discount for being calm before.

Have you?!

Trust me, there are infinite possibilities awaiting and all you need do is clear the path to receive them.

As Abraham Hicks teaches, "the better you feel, the more you allow."

As 2020 approaches, I encourage you to make meditation a priority.

It doesn't cost a penny and all you have to do is breathe.

Posted on
December 17, 2019