I love it when the seasons change here in Pennsylvania.

Not rushing winter, but I love the feeling of NEWness.

What about you?

How does NEWness feel for you?

For years, I hid out in my comfort zones.

So, if "new" makes you uncomfortable... I totally get it.

Whenever anything (old or new) makes you feel anxious, overwhelmed or scared, I'd like you to practice seeing yourSelf and Life differently.


Instead of pushing the panic button, stay open to infinite possibilities.

If you've attended my classes, you've heard me talk about Life's infinite possibilities while sharing my "Poof!" moments.

If you're scratching your head, let me give you a few basics:

✨ You're a powerful creator who can create positive change in your life no matter where you've been or where you are now.

💕 Life is supportive of you and pulling strings on your behalf.

🧠 Life's smarter than we are and will take care of the "how."

🧙🏻 Your job is to ask for what you want and let it FLOW to you.

♾ There's an infinite number of possibilities or ways for good (a.k.a. magical) things to unfold in your life.

8 years ago, I didn't know the basics while embarking on the scariest season of my life.

I was going through a separation which meant moving and leaving everything that was loved and familiar behind.

My heart was buried in grief.

My shoulders heavy with brand new responsibilities.

There were tons of things I had to handle on my own.

Or, so I thought.

Once I took baby steps forward, Life showed me it was there to help.

Before moving...

I worried about the money needed upfront to secure an apartment I found.

Days later, a teen bumped my car which resulted in receiving almost the exact amount needed to pay the deposit and sign my lease.

After moving...

I worried about finding someone reputable to inspect my car.

What garage could I trust in a new town?

Surely, I'd be ripped off without a man to represent me.

Or, so I thought.

The first time I went out to eat by mySelf, I met Jim.

After a nice conversation, he gave me his business card.

He owned a tire and auto garage.

Of course he did, that's Life's magic.

I didn't realize it until much later but infinite possibilities were everywhere during that difficult time.

For every fear and uncertainty, Life had a solution.

For every want, desire and need, Life had a way to deliver it.

As we welcome this new season, I encourage you to stay open.

Breathe deeply and trust in the infinite possibilities waiting for you.

Just like the leaves in Fall, they are everywhere.

🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁

Posted on
September 24, 2019