Trust Life's Directions

Posted on
October 14, 2019

I recently posted on social media about trusting Life's directions.

It's really something worth examining.

When you think about the things you want:

Do you get super excited and pumped up?

Do you enJoy imagining possible ways it will be delivered to you?

If your goals and desires feel anything less than good, it's a signal you doubt them.

An indication you're caught up in thinking about the difficulty of getting them.

Or, you're too focused on their absence from your life.

I'm sure you've heard someone say, "you better figure it out."

Well, that's great advice if you want a hard life.

Believing you're in charge of the logistics will turn exciting desires into heavy weights.

Do you want a life of EASE, FLOW and MAGIC?

(Yes, please!🙋🏻)

Do you want your thoughts to become things?

Then you gotta STOP trying to figure out "how" anything is gonna happen.

Life wants you to have what you want.

Life also knows the BEST way to cross things off your wish list.

But, you have to practice believing those two sentences are true.


By asking for what you want AND believing you can have it.

By getting out of the way and letting Life handle the details.

That's when you'll start experiencing more of what I call Poof! moments.

You know, those moments when what you've asked for comes easily.

You ask.


Life delivers!

Life calculates the delivery route the minute you ask for something.

This means once you've asked, it's on the way.

You will get it or something even better.

Here's a Poof! moment from my trip to New Orleans that's both short and sweet.

Hours after arriving, I got an odd craving for a caramel apple with nuts .

I wondered if New Orleans even had them because after miles of walking, I only saw pralines, beignets and alligator on a stick.

My craving wasn't a "gotta have it" feeling driving me crazy.

And, I didn't tell mySelf that I didn't need one.

This craving just felt good to think about so I did.

Fast forward to my last morning in the Big Easy.

After an amazing breakfast, I had time to explore the mall before my flight home.

The shops were beautiful and I felt like a million bucks.

When it was time to go, I entered my hotel name in Google Maps.

The street it told me to take made no sense to my logical brain.

It appeared to be out of the way... but I took it.

I let Life lead and was led to the delicious caramel apple with nuts I asked for.

Getting what you want can be easy if you let it be easy.

This applies to the "big" things and to the silly things like a caramel apple with nuts.

Posted on
October 19, 2019