What doors will open for you?

Posted on
March 19, 2020

Many are using this unique time to embrace the stillness and do things they've put off... like reading.

What about you?

Depending on what you're reading, books can open doors you didn't even know were there.

The people who've made (and continue to make) the biggest impact in my life are authors.

This is why I always give out books at my workshops.

As someone once said, "when the student is ready the teacher appears."

Maybe you're ready to learn something new about yourSelf and Life...

If so, I encourage you to explore the Personal Development and Metaphysical genres.

Keep your mind open.

Implement any suggested practices.

Then get ready for positive changes everywhere as you start thinking, seeing, and doing differently.

Like most things, all my classes were cancelled this month so I won't be giving out any books in person as planned.

But, I will embrace the stillness and keep reading!

Here are 5 out of the many books I deeply appreciate:

Here's to embracing the stillness...

Posted on
March 19, 2020