What’s Abundance?

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December 5, 2018

“What’s abundance?”

I suggested my Mom try focusing more on life’s abundance rather than the cost of things when my Dad asked the question.

A simple question that at one time I couldn’t answer either.
And that’s okay, because eventually I found it.

Abundance permeates my life.

I think it.
I write it.
I speak it.
I notice it.
I feel it.
I know it.

But, back to my Dad’s question…

“What’s abundance?”

For me:

Abundance is the constant flow of people, things and experiences that make me feel the way I want to feel.

Abundance is something amazing sent just for me from the Universe.

Abundance catches my attention and lifts my spirits.

Abundance is everywhere when I look for people and things to appreciate.

Abundance is that feeling I get when I find them.
And, I always do.

Abundance doesn’t have to come in the form of money.
But, it can and it does.

Abundance is a good feeling surprise that causes me to jump up and down.
Abundance feels like magic.

What is abundance to you?

Unless you practice it… abundance will just be a word.
A word without much meaning.

But, it can be so much more than that.
Try and see for yourSelf in 2018.

Get an empty container, a jar, a box, a vase – anything!
Place it where you’ll see it often.

Set the intention to look for abundance each day.

Practice seeing it.
Practice feeling it.
Practice appreciating it.

Small things.
Big things.
Everything you notice and appreciate – write it down on a slip of paper.

Say “thank you” while feeling appreciative of what you wrote.
Drop your slip of paper into the container.

Repeat often.

Watch what happens.
Feel what happens.

Soon, you’ll know the answer.

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November 25, 2017