Why You Need to Step Aside

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December 5, 2018

When is the last time you had a magical moment?

Seriously… when?

What do I mean by magical?

I’m talking about those moments when the Universe delivers things you want and need out of thin air.

Did you ask for this?

I’m talking about those times when you have a problem and the Universe gives you a solution.

No worries!

I’m talking about when you ask the Universe for a specific sign and you get it.

Here you go!

These experiences feel magical because they can’t be explained.
They can only be felt.
And they feel so good!

There was a time when my old beliefs kept me closed from having these moments.
I used to believe everything in life happened to me and not for me.
I believed life was a tough and confusing uphill climb.

It turns out that I was wrong.


Life actually loves us and wants to:

Serve us.
Please us.
Make our lives easier.
Solve our problems.
Give us magical moments.

Sometimes we don’t listen when the Universe is trying to help.
Sometimes we stand in the way by trying to figure everything out with our limited and logical mind.

Either one will block the never-ending magical flow trying to reach us.

Recently, my writing was not flowing and didn’t feel enjoyable.
The Universe heard my problem (it always does) but I wasn’t listening for the solution (it always gives one).

Not long after, a post on Facebook caught my eye.
A woman mentioned a book called, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
She said the book really helped her writing.
I thought, “Hmm… that sounds interesting” and went about my day.

(Block one)

Then, I was at a large book sale where thousands of books were spread onto tables in no particular order.
I love books but wasn’t interested in digging through so many piles.
I decided to look at just one area and leave.
As I was skimming, my eyes met with none other than, The Artist’s Way.
I thought, “Hey! That’s the book I saw on Facebook” and put it down.

(Block two)

Another day, I’m at my favorite bookstore with a half off coupon for any book of my choice.
I notice they added a new shelf to the Self-Help section and am super excited.
And there it is… The Artist’s Way.
This time I flipped it over and read the back cover.
I held it in my hands for a minute debating on whether or not to buy it.
I put it back.

(Block three!)

Fast forward to waking up one early Saturday morning to the sound of people talking outside and cars lining up and down the neighborhood streets.
It turns out there was an estate sale across from my house.

I never met the lady who lived there but felt sad watching complete strangers looking through her memories for a bargain.
All day I felt a strange sense that I needed to go over, but didn’t.
I couldn’t explain why this estate sale was calling to me but it definitely was.

Finally, on Sunday morning I gave in and went over.
I walked into the living room and saw an enormous built-in white book shelf.

That’s it!

In seconds… I began seeing titles that told me this woman, like me, had an appreciation for the Spirituality/Self-help section.
Of course, my eyes fell onto The Artist’s Way and it hit me…

The Universe had been trying to get this book into my hands for weeks.

I finally listened to life’s guidance… and it only cost me 50 cents:)

Do your best to listen.
Do your best to step aside.
Allow the flow of what you’ve asked for.

The magic is coming…

Until next time,
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April 12, 2017