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If you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward, I can help.

Feeling lost as you navigate your own life is scary and overwhelming. The pressure to figure it all out can be paralyzing and prevent you from moving at all. Not having clarity or second guessing your life’s purpose is beyond frustrating.

Are you tempted to settle because you think this is as good as it gets?
Are you starting to believe the voices telling you it’s too late?
Hastie LeFevre of Hastie LLC

Listen up.

You are not here to settle for less than what you really want.
It’s not too late — there’s never been a better time:

To learn the truth about who you really are.
To learn the truth about how life really works.

I’m not telling you this to cheer you up.
I’m telling you this because I KNOW.

My life felt both hopeless and without purpose.
I was scared and beyond overwhelmed.
My mind constantly raced with worries and doubts about my future.
I walked under a cloud of anxiety and fear.
My life felt awful.

Eventually, I wanted to feel better.
Then, I wanted to do more than just “survive”.
Finally, I admitted to mySelf that I wanted an AMAZING life.
And…  AMAZING is exactly what I created.

The transformation in mySelf and my life felt so good that I made it my mission to coach those who feel lost along the way. Helping others get “unstuck” and on track towards their BEST LIFE EVER has become one of my superpowers.

In my individual coaching sessions via Zoom, you have my full attention — meaning I can understand your current reality and help you drill down to how you want things to change.  

As your coach, I’m going to do more than support and encourage you.
Nope, you need a lot more than that to bring about meaningful change.

What you need is someone to guide you towards a better understanding of who you really are and how life works.

I’ll do both.

And yeah, we’ll have some fun too.

Download and complete a coaching application today.
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